2021- A Year of the Miraculous!

Updated: May 21

Habakkuk 2:1 "Write the vision and make it plain." I realize that 2020 was an Earth shattering experience for us all. I want to encourage you to shake the dust off of your feet. Shake off the residue of 2020. Get your bearings, take some time to seek God and press into God for 2021. You survived 2020 for a REASON!!! God has a PLAN for your LIFE!

Ask God for a revelation as to when to start your business, your ministry, your book... What do you need God to breathe on for 2021? Ask God to send Godly Christian relationships into our lives...people that love us the way that You do! You have seeds of greatness on the inside of you! It is imperative to "Seek ye first the Kingdom..." Today is a NEW day! If you follow Kingdom principles, I hear the Lord say that 2021is going to be a year of Promise. You will enter into your Promise Land!

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