Are you the Prodigal?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

God impressed it upon my heart this week that many of us have been wandering around in the hog pen, living FAR below His standards for our lives. Some of God's children have given up hope of ever living the life that God has preordained for us to live! Just because some doors have been closed, does not mean that God has forgotten about you! God allows certain doors to close in our lives to guide us to His divine purpose.

Running into closed doors can feel discouraging. It can feel as if you are unloved or as if you have fallen out of favor with God. However, God wants me to encourage you that you are in God's will. God is simply ordering your steps. So do NOT give up! God is holding out His arms with a royal robe and a ring of authority just for you! No matter what the situation looks like, know that God is lovingly guiding and propelling you into your destiny in this season! Do you see yourself as a child of the King?

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