Selectively Single

Being selectively single means being single by choice. It means that you are not rushing into a relationship due to the fact that you need to be defined by a man or a woman in order to feel whole.

For many, singleness is synonymous with loneliness. You can be alone and not be lonely. With Jesus as the central focus of our existence, we are walking in unity and fellowship with the very Creator of the Universe.

Being selectively single means being at peace with allowing God to send you the helpmate that He preordained for you before the beginning of time, (if that is in fact His will). It means being whole and content in "whatever the circumstances", as the Apostle Paul espoused. I encourage singles to stay on the Potter's Wheel and allow God to mold you, shape you, and engraft you into becoming the vessel of honor that God created you to be. Being selectively single means that you refuse to settle for less than God's best!

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