Overcoming Loneliness - Part I

Updated: Jan 21

We were created for relationship. We were not created to navigate this journey called life alone. The Bible even tells us "It is not good for to be alone." Most people interpret that scripture and rush into an ungodly relationship. That scripture refers to being out of daily, continual fellowship with God Himself. Loneliness leads to suicide and other detriments. I recently heard an interesting statistic that 50% of patients who suffered a heart attack were lonely or depressed prior to its onset.

We need God for EVERYTHING...life, health, breath, direction, provision, wisdom, revelation, understanding, etc. The enemy wants us to look to external sources to meet our needs - people (through sexual intimacy), alcohol, drugs, partying, etc. There is a void in all of us that only God can fill. No person on earth can fill that void, not even a spouse. That expectation will lead to a quick divorce. Do not make man an idol. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all else will be added unto you."

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