Pray for a Quick and Easy Delivery!!!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

So many people are going through INTENSE trials and seemingly EXCRUCIATING circumstances. I want to encourage you not to worry... those are just labor pains! Our first baby generally takes the longest but before I I had my first child, God said to get on my knees and pray for a quick and easy delivery. I did. My labor literally took no time! God birthed my daughter in minutes. In just TWO pushes, my daughter was here! For a first time pregnancy, that is unheard of!!! But God DIVINELY INTERVENED in our situation.

In the same way, God wants to DIVINELY INTERVENE in EVERY aspect of your life! He wants you to get on your knees and ask Him for a quick and easy delivery regarding the illness or the bills...or maybe the divorce. It could be an issue concerning your children. In Joshua 5:14-15, God showed up on the scene on behalf of the Israelites. I encourage you to read it. It's an AMAZING account! Then in chapter 6 of Joshua, God gave the Israelites the victory without them even having to fight! God did it because He loves them and because of His grace and mercy for every Believer! He did it for them and He wants to do the same for you! Give God a shout of praise and watch every Jericho wall in your life come down! The question is, do you believe?

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