Trouble Don't Last Always!

I had prepared a message today concerning something else entirely and when I asked God what He would have me to say to His people, He said to tell them that trouble don't last always! I want to encourage somebody today that no matter what it looks like, it came to pass! I heard God say that the situation is turning around! I believe that even right now, God is warring on your behalf in the Spirit realm!

As I researched the topic, I discovered that there are over 110 times when trouble is mentioned in the Bible. God's people are familiar with trouble. God does not cause all of the trouble that we go through, but He does ALLOW it to strengthen our faith. If we never have to believe God for anything, then how does our faith grow? As we examined the scriptures concerning the issue of trouble, a common theme that kept repeating was that God hears you from heaven! God wants you to know that no matter what you are going through, He hears your cry and that help is on the way! I want to encourage you to visit our Youtube channel Brothers and Sisters United for Change and listen to the message. We unearthed a plethora of encouraging scriptures that will bless you! In closing, as I was preparing the message, a song came on the radio that I had not heard in years! It must be over 20 years old! It was ironically titled "Trouble Don't Last Always!" I want to encourage you to play the song and meditate on God's promises concerning your life and know that Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe has heard your cry and help is on the way. The question is, will you trust God?

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