You're Never Too Strong to Have a Moment of Weakness

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Elijah is a perfect example of one that did tremendous exploits, but yet and still, had a moment of weakness. Elijah prayed and moved the very hand of God to provide an endless supply of flour to a widow woman. Elijah prayed and God brought a child back to life. God used prophet Elijah to conquer the prophets of Baal and to have them killed. Yet even the great prophet Elijah had his moments of public success, but private pain.

I Kings 19, the prophet Elijah ran for his life from Queen Jezebel. Even Prophet Elijah in his humanness lost sight of the fact that he was not alone, but Almighty God was fighting on his behalf. He was so distraught that he wanted to die. He despaired of life itself. That is what so many are struggling with during this time of the pandemic. In some regions, suicide has escalated as much as 70%!!! But God! In this hour, it is imperative that we are our brother's keeper! We need to reach out to our loved ones and remind them that they are loved! We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in terms of calling and checking on those that the Lord lays upon our hearts. One kind word can make all the difference! Go into spiritual warfare. Fast and pray against the spirit of suicide. Stand on your spiritual authority in Christ and bind the hand of the enemy! Will you stand in the gap for a soul in need?

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